Packing the Essentials

Packing is one of the great dilemmas for all prospective students. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Here’s some tips on what to pack to hopefully help you avoid needing a whole convoy of moving cars!

1 – Photographs!

One good way to make your room feel more like home is by decorating with photographs. Leave room for new ones because you’ll soon have 100’s of new memories you’ll want to capture! You can also get fairy lights with clips on to hang your photos up, it makes your room extra cosy.

2 – Kitchen Utensils

I don’t mean buy the entirety of IKEA however, a few pots and a frying pan are a definite must. Also don’t forget oven gloves! People in your halls will most likely be willing to share if you’ve forgotten anything but it’s always good to have your own.

3 – A Piggy Bank

Some kind of money box or piggy bank for loose change is a must for collecting your coins! Don’t forget you’ll need change to do your washing (yes you heard me right, you have to do your own washing now!) so keep hold of it.

4 – Messy Clothes

One of the best parts about Uni are the messy socials. From UV Paint Parties to Barn Dance and Foam Party, you’ll need some spare clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

5 – A Doorstop

The doors in halls of residence don’t stay open without a door stop so don’t forget one! Keeping your door propped open is a fab way to make friends whilst everyone is settling in and a good way to be sociable.

 6 – A Unique Cup

For the party animals out there, a specific cup for your drinks is a must have. Get one with a lid and straw; to prevent confusion over whose is whose and to stop spillages. Everyone seems to have a unique cup of their own, mine is a green one shaped like a cactus.

7 – Snacks!

Bring some of your favourite snacks with you so you have some whilst you find the local shops and the easiest way to get to them.

 8 – Lazy Clothes

A standard sight on a uni campus is someone wandering around in their pj’s and dressing gown. Comfort is key! You can have lazy weekends with your hallmates, plus you’ll be prepared for a potential pyjama party social!

 9 – ID and Passport

You’ll need ID to get into local pubs and clubs as well as for if you want to apply for a job in the area. It’s always good to have backup ID and the lockable drawer in your uni bedroom keeps them nice and safe.

 10 – A Laptop

A laptop makes keeping up with notes in lectures much easier, as well as allowing you to do assignments pretty much wherever you want to. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive laptop on the market, as long as you can access the internet & word you’re good to go!

It’s always nice to have things from home. Pretty much everyone I know brought something special to them, such as a teddy bear, including me!  Also don’t forget things like stationary, an extension cord and a washing basket.   The nice thing is, if you do forget anything the chances are someone else will have it and be willing to share. Don’t forget everybody is in the same boat so try not to be too nervous. You will also receive information on ‘getting kitted out’ in your student information pack (which will include PPE and a Freshers hoodie!)