Take our societies quiz!

Take our societies quiz, make a note of you answers then at the end you’ll see which society you should join! 

What would be your most ideal weekend?

a) Plan going on a big night out with mates
b) Go on social media and take pictures
c) Look after animals and do your part in saving the planet
d) Take part in any sports and watch them on TV
e) Have your head in a book or colouring in a drawing

Your friends know you as…

a) The one helping out others and making sure no-one was left out
b) The chatty one
c) The one with the most knowledge about animals and current global issues
d) The one who could name every team in the Premier League
e) The creative one

When you switch on your TV the first thing you put on is…

a) RuPaul’s Drag Race
b) The News
c) Blue Planet 2
d) Sky Sports
e) Harry Potter trilogy

When you grow up, you’d like to be…

a) In events management or raising money for charity
b) Journalist/blogger
c) Work in a zoo or the next Greta Thunberg
d) Coach/PE Teacher
e) Author/artist

If you could explain yourself in 3 words, it would be something like…

a) Hardworking, fun and selfless
b) Resourceful, enthusiastic and bold
c) Caring, loving and humble
d) Confident, problem-solver and calm
e) Ambitious, creative and perfectionist

What type of social are you?

a) Drag night or a UV party
b) Silent disco
c) Jungle party
d) Dress as your course
e) Winterball (Harry Potter theme)

When you meet someone new, the first thing you do is…

a) Drag them to a party or social event
b) Add them on social media and take a selfie
c) Show them a picture of your pets
d) Go for a walk or run to get to know each other
e) Ask them which house they’d be at Hogwarts

If your life was a film, the theme tune would be…

a) ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ by Whitney Houston
b) ‘#SELFIE’ by The Chainsmokers
c) ‘Who let the dogs out’ by Baha Men
d) ‘Eye of the tiger’ by Survivor
e) ‘Hedwig’s theme’ by John Williams

You’re most comfortable when you’re wearing…

a) Your best dress, shirt or favourite fancy dress costume
b) Doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got a camera round your neck
c) An animal onesie
d) Your gym gear
e) Something you customised yourself

Mostly A’s – you are outgoing and want to make a positive change! Try Entertainments, LGBTQPA+ or Raising and Giving (RAG).
Mostly B’s – you enjoy sharing your experiences with others! Try the Communications or Photography.
Mostly C’s – you have a passion for all our furry friends! Try Animal Enrichment, Avian, Canine, Conservation or Herpetology.
Mostly D’s – you love staying fit and healthy! Try Sport and BeActive.
Mostly E’s – you need a creative outlet and have a passion for Potter! Try Craft or Harry Potter.