From Greece to Reaseheath: what living on-site is like as an overseas student

Written by Kalliopi Angelakopoulos

Moving to the UK and studying Zoo Management was my dream since I was quite young and choosing Reaseheath to do this was the best decision I ever made. Honestly, I didn’t have the option to study back home in Greece with my family, friends and everything I knew but moving overseas taught me so many things. Although it was really hard at first living away from my parents and being in a country which I had only stayed in for a month each summer with my family, I loved every moment.  

At first my roommates were quite shy and being a person that likes company it was hard getting over my homesickness and that’s where I found the Wellbeing team. They are the loveliest of people and they helped me so much with not feeling homesick or alone and they suggested ways that I could get closer to my roommates who I now wouldn’t change for the world. I thank that team for making me stick with my decision to stay on site. 

Another thing about staying on site, apart from making lifelong friends that can be used as a free hotel for when you decide to have your holiday in the UK, is that it teaches you how to be independent by making you figure out your own plan for your everyday life without having someone looking over your shoulder. Living on site also means it’s a lot easier to take part in events or sports or volunteering at the zoo without walking for ages or spending money on transport.  

All in all, my first year on site was incredible and I would recommend it to everyone. Hope you join us in September!