University Life, A Culture of it’s Own

A lot of people say that university was one of the best times of their lives. Everyone goes for one reason which is to get a degree, however it’s often the experiences that come around the degree itself that makes university such a special experience. When you first start, the years ahead seem miles away and the thought of walking across the stage to collect your degree a distant dream, but I promise you it’ll absolutely fly by.

The personal growth you go through is unbelievable and chances are by the time you graduate you’ll barely recognise the person you were during your freshers. When I first started studying at University Centre Reaseheath in September 2018, I was a quiet introvert. I’m due to graduate next year, but even now just 18 months into my course I’m a whole new person.

The truth is, university is far from all about studying. The journey you will go on from making that firm choice to graduation will change your life, in the best way.  University has opened my eyes to the world, I’ve learnt so much through meeting people from all walks of life and actually having to ‘adult’ on my own away from home. You will meet new people from the second you move in and these people may be friends you never let go of. I know for certain I have made friends for life, people that I can’t even believe I didn’t know two years ago.

Yes, your degree is important. It is after all what you go to university for, but for me the experience as a whole has made me who I am today. I figured the best way to go about starting uni was to jump in at the deep end, so I joined our Student Association here at Reaseheath at my Freshers Fair and from there things exploded!

Through going in with this attitude, I have met so many incredible people and had a variety of experiences that have helped open my mind, shape my beliefs and gain a whole new perspective on life. There are so many things you can see and do around your degree, I would highly recommend taking every opportunity offered to you as you never know what you can get out of it! I have helped run events, joined clubs, found a job, progressed into a higher role in our Student Association and most importantly, I’ve not stopped laughing throughout the lot of it.

I promise, if I can do it, anybody can.

University is so much more than simply going to get a degree, it’s a life experience in its own right that nobody can ever take away from you. So buckle up and get ready future Reaseheath students, you’re in for the time of your life!